Chile is using war tactics to clear indigenous land for multinational corporations


Chile’s right-wing government is currently using police with training in war tactics to clear indigenous people’s land for multinational corporations to exploit.

“Targeted killing” in southern Chile

Chilean military police Comando Jungla shot and killed an unarmed Mapuche (indigenous) man on 14 November. Camilo Catrillanca was reportedly driving his tractor home from work in southern Chile when authorities shot him in the head. He leaves behind a young child and a pregnant wife.

Human rights and indigenous groups have called the shooting a “targeted killing”. Military police, meanwhile, reportedly arrested and tortured the boy who witnessed the event.

President Sebastián Piñera’s ‘Comando Jungla’ reportedly trained in the Colombian jungle in ‘anti-terror’ warfare (and allegedly in the US too).

Catrillanca is the 15th Mapuche person that the Chilean state has killed during the ‘Mapuche conflict‘ in recent years. He was a student activist and grandson of an important Mapuche elder.

To be continued

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